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Researching a House in Weston

If you would like to find out more about your house the following information can get you started. This is only a beginning list of resources and will change from time to time as we learn more about researching a house in Weston.

In order for you to research a house you need to know a little about the history of the area. Weston can be difficult to research because every time it got incorporated or amalgamated documents were moved. Some got lost, some got destroyed and others just have not been archived yet.

Important Dates in Weston’s history:

Pre 1850In Home District (Ontario had districts before there were provinces)
1851 York County formed
January 1, 1850Township of York is incorporated
1881 Separates from York Township and becomes incorporated as Village of Weston, effectively reducing the size of York Township
January 1, 1882First Village council meeting
1915Incorporated as a town
April 15, 1953York and Weston become two of thirteen municipalities in the new Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto
January 1, 1967York and Weston amalgamate and are incorporated as the Borough of York
June 10, 1983York is incorporated as a city
January 1, 1998York ceases to be an individual city and becomes part of the amalgamated City of Toronto

Weston has also been found in the records of York North Township, Etobicoke Township, York West Township and Toronto

It is also important to know if and when the street name changed:

Present NameFormer NameDate changed
Fern AveLaMaire AveFeb 18, 1924
Queen’s DriveMaria StreetDec. 10, 1923
Church StreetBeach StreetJune 14, 1920
Bellevue StreetMill StreetNov 14, 1924
Clouston Ave.St. John’s RoadMarch 2, 1964
Wadsworth Ave.Helen Ave.May 6, 1968

Sometimes the street numbering has changed, even though the street name has not.

Items Used to do Research:

Personal Information

Goad’s Fire Insurance Atlases
City Directories

Property Tax Assessment Rolls

Former Owners, Neighbours, etc.

Old Newspapers

Land Records

Building Permits

MPAC –Municipal Property Assessment Corporation

Toronto Property System – Available at Toronto Archives

General Research Information

Talk to people living in the house first

Cite your sources

Photocopy the information whenever you can

Places to Research

Weston Historical Society Archives

1901 Weston Road

Fire Insurance Maps
Assessment Rolls

City of Toronto Archives

255 Spadina Road

Assessment Rolls Tip: Look at the Guide to Weston Assessment Rolls in the Weston Archives first so you know what books you will be needing. Order them as soon as you get in the Archives because it can take up to 45 minutes for them to be retrieved.


Might’s Toronto City directories
1911 to 1929On microfilm, found in self-serve cabinets in the right back corner of the Microfilm Room at back of Research HallWeston is listed in a separate suburban section (see each year’s table of contents near beginning of reel for page numbers)
1930 to 1941On microfilm, as aboveWeston listings are part of the main directory in the rest of the streets
1941 to 1986In book form on self-serve cabinets in Research Hall. Not allowed to photocopy due to condition of booksIn pink, blue or green sections. Look up street name, then no.
1989 to 1995In book form, as above, no 1987 or 1988Weston listings in the “central” and “west” editions, not published every year
After 1995In book form, as aboveWeston listings appear in one volume along with parts of City of Toronto

Fire Insurance Maps

Toronto Reference Library

789 Yonge Street

Fire Insurance Maps
City Directories

North York Central Library

5120 Yonge Street
416-395-5623 (Canadiana Room, 6th floor)

Ontario Archives

134 Ian Macdonald Blvd,

Land Records Assessment Rolls

Metro Toronto Land Registry Office

Atrium on Bay
20 Dundas St. W.
3rd Floor

Parcel Register
Instrument or Copy Books

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